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Based around the philosophy of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, Timber Technicians has, over the last 10 years, grown to be an established and respected provider of quality furniture. Having such a versatile approach to design projects has enabled the business to flourish amongst the sombre, predictable styles of furniture available in the high street. Clients are encouraged to be adventurous in their approach. Why go for pine when you can have olive ash, burr elm or bird's eye maple or any timber you like. Every piece of furniture is made to commission, created around the requirements of the client, be it to store particular items, blend or contrast with the furniture around, or create the right impression, as with reception desks. Having worked with designers and other furniture manufacturers before the creation of Timber Technicians we have developed a great depth of knowledge in the areas of design and achieving client expectations. The client base ranges from local private customers to design companies. Most of our work is for individuals in their home. Commissions have ranged from small bedside tables to refurbishing whole rooms. This obviously happens with kitchens where there is enormous scope for creating something rather special, detailed around the clients needs and life style. There is a large price range available with all types of furniture. The most economical being MDF, which can be primed white ready for the client to paint. Next up is making from veneered MDF and solid wood. Finally the ultimate, made entirely from wood throughout. The woods we mainly work with are maple, ash, oak, black walnut and mahogany. We have a large array of suppliers with a vast selection of timbers, some native to Britain and the rest of Europe, but also from around the world. All timber comes from sustainable sources. We are also very keen to incorporate unusual veneers and inlays wherever possible. Small details like the type of hinge or the handle can make a big impression on the finished product. Bedrooms Most of our involvement in this area is with wardrobes. They don't have to be large, cumbersome objects that dominate a bedroom. Simple design details like variations in height and depth within the cabinet, make a real difference to the overall look. As well as the obvious requirements expected from a wardrobe, we can incorporate sinks, safes and home offices within their interior!


The great advantage of having a kitchen personalised around your needs and requirements is that you don't have to live with cabinets that someone else has  decided will be the right height or width. There are no irritating infill panels or cabinets that don't quite line up with a window or door. We like to use a number of different materials within a kitchen. Worktops can be granite, laminate or wood. Elements of the kitchen can be painted with decorative effects, and there is a vast range of hardware available in the form of pull out mechanisms, handles, lighting etc. A lot of emphasis is placed on accurate fitting as this can often make or break the efforts put into the design process. With many years of experience we can cope with the most unsymmetrical and uneven walls and floors

Living Rooms

As a customer is likely to spend a lot of time looking at these pieces of furniture, it is as critical as ever to spend time discussing detail. The question of whether to have furniture fitted or free standing is often raised, not just with living room furniture. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. With free-standing pieces it is possible to take it with you, an important consideration especially if the item is fairly large and therefore expensive. Fitted furniture has the advantage of not having narrow gaps that can accumulate dust and it becomes an integral part of the home.